Tuesday, July 12

Someone like you

Sportsgirl floppy hat, Forever New knit
It's been a long time coming, I've finally stopped procrastinating to start a fashion blog! After almost 2 years of sitting through the dullest, most tedious lectures for Commerce at Melbourne University (wishing I was studying fashion instead), I've been constantly telling myself that I'll eventually learn to love it. No success yet haha. 

Hoarding clothes from all decades and altering many of their designs, has always been an obsession, so for me, Threadbare will be the creative outlet of my current loves.

I'm loving the 70's vibe right now - the retro floppy hats, palazzos and midi skirts, but I haven't been brave enough to wear the latter two yet. Especially since I'm usually seen in shamelessly short skirts all the time haha, midis would probably make me look like I'm hiding a small child under there. It's definitely something I'd love to try soon though!

I'm also wearing a DIY vest that I made a while ago with some amazingly soft faux fur from Spotlight. They had the same one in black and white as well, and some animal prints, but I was missing a pale golden one from my faux fur collection, so I bought 2 metres and gave it a go. I was really happy with how it turned out, the hand-stitching was barely visible as the furry texture made it merge together, made me a happy girl. 

Still not over my fur obsession just yet, it's so quintessentially a part of winter I reckon. But the only real fur I own is a vintage rabbit fur jacket that I bought a while ago with a few friends on a vintage spree, it's still in its plastic bag in a sad little corner in my laundry, I'm still getting over the fact that it's real rabbits :( I'll hopefully dry clean it sometime this week. 


  1. Hey Maggie, it's Alex!
    Great to see you getting started on this blog. I don't really know enough about fashion to be of any use, but I'm looking forward to more from you! And I am totally on board with how you need a photographer - or learn photography!
    Good luck!

  2. haha thanks muffstah! You saw the terrible editing :( Next post should be much better, I'm in safe hands of Dani!

  3. now i want a floppy hat, too!!