Saturday, October 15

Hardware Lane

Sorry for the lack of activity lovelies, I've just gotten better from a virus + some ridiculously hard assignments. Have a heap of backlogged posts from Bryan from the past couple of days, so watch this space! :)

This vintage blouse has to be one of my all-time favourites, it's the perfect culmination of a lot of very cute features - lace trimmings, a peter-pan collar and old-school oriental button detailing. 

Lace-up heels from ASOS, Forever New Bag and a too-long skirt from my mother that I decided to wear up high. It had beautiful cream detailing that went perfectly with the blouse so, why not. Hope you're all making the most of the warmer weather!



  1. i love it !
    i love your hair up maggie !
    should do it more often <3

  2. such a lovely post. the first shot is one of my favorites, you captured the details so beautifully x

  3. Aw thanks Ange, ok I'll do it up more often :) Thank you Rachel, Bryan did an amazing job I agree!

  4. love the heels!

  5. how incredible is the detail on that blouse? love the black and white combination <3

  6. Wow, I love the outfit ! The details are just perfect. And I love the heels.


  7. gorgeous shoes! they're so perfect!

  8. awesome outfit!! thanks for checking out my blog. i'm officially following you:)


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  10. I love your eye makeup and your outfit is fabulous!! love the skit the most :D

  11. You're so beautiful and love your sense of style ! Following you on google friend connect ! :) Hope you like my blog too, follow back and be in touch ! I'd love that ! Kisses

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  12. That blouse and that skirt were meant to be! I love the pop of colour from your lipstick as well.

    Thanks for popping by my blog :)

  13. Thanks for commenting on my post! I love your heels and your skirt, the piping is so nice ♥
    Following now! Follow back if you'd like~
    xx (a fellow) maggie

  14. You are very cute and so stylish! I like also Your blog. I think that I can spend here more than usuall:)

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