Friday, September 30

Like a lady

Scallop detail looks good on anything and everything, it adds a bit of much needed whimsy.
 Procrastinating and not getting much studying done, but adding a lot to my wishlist at ASOS (maybe not the hat but it looks fking cute). 

Yesterday came to the realisation that there is simply no point making an effort with some people who just let their insecurities bring others down. 
Get a proper command of the English Language first, darling.


  1. omg, that scallop hat is so pretty!

  2. I adore the outfit in the third image. You would pull it off so well, Maggie!

  3. Great blog!!!

  4. I love scalloped edged clothes, it just makes it more fun I think :)

    Kirsti xx

  5. I agree with the scallop detailing - I had it on one of my formal dresses. Love your sense of style. You're such a beautiful girl!