Wednesday, July 13


Bardot jacket, Sportsgirl Bag, ASOS faux-fur snood, ASOS booties, Forever New dress

A few months ago, I helped organise a Fashion Show for a student club, and got to work with my friend and photographer, Bryan, who did the runway shoot for the night. We thought Threadbare would be a great chance for us to do a collab of some sort, so Bryan will be the main photographer for the site, unless otherwise stated. Check out his work :)

Melbourne has been freezing the past few weeks, but winter is definitely one of my favourite seasons in terms of styling. There is an endless fund of ways you can layer up, so that always leaves for some interesting combinations. Most days though, it's so cold that I just feel like throwing on an oversized sweater, and be comfy while I sleep through most of my lectures (kidding).

As always, I've added a bit of fur to what i was wearing. Loving what ASOS has been doing, especially since Aus is pretty much 2 style seasons behind the rest of the world lol. Although I don't follow trends religiously, the site does offer some pretty good catches - I got the fur snood for only 8 pounds!

Met up with a few old Macrobbians today for a catchup before Dani leaves for Canberra again :( Will post some happy snaps soon! 


  1. Hi maggie your blog is really inspiring. I'm really loving your style, especially the fur trim and over sized sweater

  2. Thanks, that's really sweet of you! x

  3. i love your coat. you look beautiful!

    The Fashion Cycle

  4. Aw thanks love! Did you just start yours recently as well? x