Monday, July 18


ASOS camel cape, faux fur bag and boots, Portmans Bracelet
DIY vintage dress

Daniel, Nick and Xiao at Manchuria
We be strong and loving life - Carmaine, me and Daniel
Oops wore too much blush! In my defence, I only had 1 drink :(

Bryan is still away in France on his photography trip so I've been lucky to work with many talented photographers in the meantime. My amazing friend Carmaine took these on Saturday when we went out to a few bars with some friends. Had some fish and chips at Equinox, then we went to J-Wow and Manchuria, which is really decadent and has amazing 50's style Oriental decor, definitely a place I'd recommend if you're in Melbourne! 

I'm so excited about this cape, it's amazingly warm and comfortable. Super sorry about the excessive ASOS today haha, I didn't realise but the pieces went well together in my head as I put them on. I wore it with my ASOS faux fur bag that is infamous for getting me lots of disapproving glares in public, and a pair of ASOS boots that are a little too comfortable.

Last month, Angel, Dani and I went to a vintage fair in Prahran, and I got this floral jumpsuit. It was quite hideous actually, about knee-length and had oversized long sleeves, but I immediately loved the gold button detailing and the amazing colours. Designing and altering is one of my loves, I think that prints and silhouettes from the 50's and 60's are so flattering to the female form, in contrast to the androgyny that is so favoured in this day.

Working with the essential shape around the waist, I chopped the sleeves off and played around with the neckline and backline a bit, and chopped off some leg too, shorter is always better right?



  1. Great look, your furry bag is so awesome :)


  2. Thanks Sanam, it's really warm to carry as well haha!