Wednesday, July 20

Tangerine Creams

I've deviated away from threads for one post, here's another one of my favourites! 

Baking cookies must be ingrained in us as part of being a girl, recently I've been making a few different types of butter cookies and it makes me so happy :) These look like mini cheeseburgers, don't they?

With this recipe, I used orange and tangerine zest, icing sugar and butter to make the filling inside and a whole heap of butter and sugar for the cookie.

Looking forward to a shoot soon with Bryan, he's back and very jet-lagged from France. Will also be having a shoot with Nicholas Tan soon, a critically-acclaimed male fashion icon. Just joking, he's one of my good friends.


  1. wow! amazing job! And they look sooooo delicious :)

    xxx London

    ps: you can still join giveaway

  2. Hey London! Thank you love, your blog is amazing, just followed! x

  3. yum! they look super tasty!! like American whoopee pies ;) xx

  4. haha i've never had whoopee pies before, are they like biscuits bianca?