Monday, July 18

Moment of Honesty

Blouse from Myer, Portmans bracelet, Forever New belt, DIY culottes

I made these culottes a while ago from a pair of long flares, and I love how it has really subtle yet classical tailoring. Double hemmed the pant legs and took in the width a little bit as well, I'm hoping these can pass off as suitable for casual Fridays in the insurance company that I work part-time at, when paired with a white shirt.

To avoid looking like I just wore boxers out, I added a belt, some simple accessories and a chiffon white blouse. I usually opt for simplicity and rarely wear any jewellery apart from the odd statement piece or two, but recently I have started to collect a few nice bracelets, which are really basic pieces nevertheless that complement any outfit well. 

Went bar hopping in a cape with a few friends last night, photos of that should be up very soon, can't wait to show you guys :)

My boyfriend Xiao took these photos for me, it was our 14 months yesterday :) x



  1. Hi Maggie!
    Great pictures! Your style of writing is very refreshing to read! Also, these friends you went barhopping with sound like very fun, nice guys!
    Sounds like you have great friends!

    Keep it up!

  2. you look gorgeous!

    hope you can visit my blog
    The fashion cyclist

    These are amazing!
    You are seriously becoming Rumi if your boyfriend takes your photos haha

  4. HAHA you are correct victor they are very nice guys and it was indeed a good night!
    Thanks Jillian, your pictures are gorgeous :)

  5. Haha Mish, yeah i forced the camera into his hands! Aw no Rumi is legendary! x

  6. Congrats on 14 months. :) The light looks really pretty too!

  7. Thanks Dani! Hope your shoots have been going well! x

  8. maggie ! your blouse is so pretty! makes me wanna buy it too! :( is this like encouraging us to ..haha i feel bad for copying >< !

  9. Haha don't worry, hopefully they still have it at Myer :) x